• Mission

    With squash as the catalyst, we aim to support significant achievements in the lives of local children through academic enrichment, health and lifestyle commitments, social and emotional responsibility, character development, life-long learning and leadership.


    Our conviction is that every child should benefit from equality of opportunity to achieve their potential and become an engaged citizen. We believe that elite accomplishments can be made possible through egalitarian values rooted in the sport of squash, intensive educational support, a range of cultural pursuits, mentoring as well as community and outdoor activities. For us, the key to significant learning is significant relationships. Over the course of the school year, our students will receive supervised academic and squash instruction, combined with constructive, purposeful engagement with a range of community projects. Students will also be encouraged to pursue opportunities, including other sports, outside of Squash Link and will be assisted whenever possible in doing so, to ensure optimal levels of self-development.


    Programme participants will receive direct guidance in accomplishing their goals, benefiting from one-on-one attention, mentoring and help with their schoolwork, learning what it means to love a sport and work hard whilst developing valuable friendships.

  • Vision

    We will seek to ensure that partnerships between Irish employers, community and voluntary organisations, government agencies, institutions of higher education, schools and many other stakeholders are made possible by removing barriers and celebrating the ability of all involved to participate directly with their communities. This will be made possible primarily through mentoring, dedicated after-school coaching and tutoring services that also teach students the intricacies of squash, civic engagement, community projects and a wide range of extracurricular activities. Inspiring hope and realistic expectations whilst expanding horizons in young people’s lives is our reason for being.


    Parents, university students, professionals and individuals from all walks of life willing to commit time to our participants, will be offered the opportunity to give back to their community in a number of capacities. In particular we require fundraising, mentoring, teaching, tutoring and coaching support.


    Our volunteers are an integral part of the Squash Link process because they act as motivators of Squash Link participants. By supporting our cause, volunteers inspire positive beliefs and disciplined behaviour towards ensuring a wide range of desirable outcomes. One life view all Squash Link participants and supporters have in common is that third level education, in whatever direction, is an attainable, realistic goal. We also believe that lifelong learning and empowerment must be maintained through self-directed, responsible and personalised means.




    At Squash Link leadership consists of sportsmanship, a commitment to decision making guided by a strong ethical compass, being a role model, self-responsibility, mentoring, the pursuit of common goals / collaboration and self-confidence.


    To us, coaching is about trust and integrity; it inspires discipline, love, respect, passion and honesty.

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