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    Enrichment. Education. Empowerment.

    Participants, parents, school and third level students, teachers, school principals, local authorities, community centres, sports and youth clubs, third level institutions, sports companies, squash communities (in Ireland and around the world) and volunteers are the lifeline of Squash Link.


    Squash + Education Alliance (S-E-A, pronounced one letter at a time) is the umbrella organization for urban squash, the out of school youth development model that combines the sport of squash with academics, mentoring, travel and college support for students from low-income families. SEA launches and leads such programmes, currently located in 23 cities, with more than 2,500 children enrolled. 96% of SEA graduates enter third level education.


    In order to become and remain a member of SEA, programmes are required to meet a range of criteria demonstrating a sound organizational structure equipping them to provide their students with intensive, year-round support. SEA does not control or manage its member programmes. The role is to provide a framework in which ideas can be shared and best practices identified. SEA therefore leads and supports member programmes through their collective expertise and leverages its role as a national entity to organize tournaments and camps, to raise funds for member programmes and to help start new programmes in cities that do not have them.




    Squash Link has partnered with SPORTSCO South Lotts Road, Ringsend, Dublin 4. SPORTSCO is home to three competition standard squash courts with an overhead viewing balcony. In addition to our use of SPORTSCO, tournament venues throughout Ireland will be sought as and when needs arise.


    SPORTSCO is a leading leisure facility within the Irish leisure industry and aims to provide the very best in sports facilities and amenities for its members. SPORTSCO provides programmes designed to enhance the health and wellbeing of its members in an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere, catering for a diverse range of users from children through to senior citizens.


    It is SPORTSCO’s intention to strive for quality through the delivery of professional service and excellent facilities. The organisation is committed to continuously improving the complex in order to satisfy members’ needs and at the same time remain at the forefront of the leisure industry.

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