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    'The boys really enjoyed the sessions. This was a sport not previously offered but it proved to be a great success, particularly for some boys who did not take part in other games such as football. I was surprised and delighted to see that a number of the boys who showed great interest and promise were those who had not shone at other sports and had therefore discontinued them. They maintained an interest in Squash and feedback weekly was very positive. The visit to the Irish Squash Championships in Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club was an added bonus. This too, was an opportunity not ever offered to our pupils.


    Sessions were professionally conducted and geared towards the ability and age of our boys while also being challenging and competitive. It is a tribute to your team that the boys attended weekly, and were reluctant to miss a session. Sometimes, it is difficult to get commitment from boys to stay involved in an activity.


    We would be very interested in continuing these sessions with our 5th class as they move into 6th next year. We like to offer a variety of sports which will appeal to as many pupils as possible. Sport also offers an opportunity to work on class spirit and bonding which enhances the whole school experience for some of our more disadvantaged pupils. These pupils need the opportunity to sample a wide variety of sports. Racket sports often appeal to pupils who do not like sports with more contact'.


    Maeve Brew, Principal of St Mary's Boys National School, Haddington Road, Dublin 4.

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